Who We are

Established on 11/11/11, E11even Media is a modern multimedia company with a rich history of delivering high-quality content to our clients. Our experienced team of professionals has been providing cutting-edge multimedia services since 2004, and our culturally diverse staff brings unique perspectives and dynamic skill sets to our projects.

Our Clients

We’re proud to be the trusted multimedia partner for a diverse portfolio of clients including Brookfield Properties (Fashion Show, Grand Canal Shoppes), Summerlin, Downtown Summerlin, Area 15, MGM, Caesars Entertainment, and Cox Communications. Our commitment as a one-stop multimedia solution provider is to deliver high-quality, engaging, and visually striking content. We’re passionate about bringing your visions to life and are eager to add your story to our history of exceeding expectations with innovative multimedia solutions.

What We Do

At E11even Media, we offer a comprehensive range of multimedia services, including video production, digital signage, motion graphics, interactive experiences, audiovisual advertising, photography, graphic design, set design, and event production.

Video Production

Transforming narratives into compelling visual stories with cutting-edge Video Production.


Capturing life’s moments with striking Photography that speaks louder than words.

Graphic Design

Bringing your brand to life with innovative and visually impactful Graphic Design

Digital Signage

Engaging audiences with dynamic and innovative Digital Signage Management.

Motion Graphics

Bringing creative concepts to life with vibrant and captivating Motion Graphics.

Set Design

Crafting immersive environments with our imaginative and bespoke Set Design services

Explore Our Work

Our experienced team of artists is committed to bringing your creative vision to life, no matter the size or complexity of your project. We pride ourselves on delivering captivating, inspiring, and entertaining multimedia content while keeping up with the latest trends in technology and media. With a dedication to visual excellence and timely, budget-friendly delivery, we can handle any project.

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